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Your HVAC system is crucial to the comfort of your family. After all, you all feel the chill when you need furnace repair in St. John, Indiana. If your furnace has stopped working, you need help fast.

The reviews are in, and the people of the St. John community are crazy over the HVAC and furnace repair services of Popa Heating and Cooling. Contact us for fast, efficient repairs.




Here at Popa Heating and Cooling, we repair or replace furnaces, and we also can provide regular servicing to ensure your system stays efficient and affordable for as long as you have it. We can fix issues such as faulty filters, inaccurate thermostats, broken components, improper heating cycles, ignition problems, and inefficient and expensive systems.




Because every furnace job is different, you need to choose a provider with the experience and expertise to navigate the nuances of each individual furnace issue. Our technicians all receive continuing education every year to ensure that they are at the forefront of furnace technology.

With our family-owned and -operated company turning 50 this year, you can trust our exceptional technicians to provide top-tier furnace repair services for your residential home. We also provide our services to light commercial and industrial properties.


Popa Heating and Cooling


If you need your furnace serviced, repaired, or replaced, Popa Heating and Cooling is the obvious choice. When it comes to replacing your furnace, we offer free estimates with a load calculation, a process that ensures that our technicians select the perfect furnace to optimize the space you have while improving comfort, efficiency, and cost.


These considerations make a difference you can feel in your pocketbook. And when you combine the long-term value of our approach with our phenomenal 24-hour customer service, fantastic technicians, and award-winning reputation, the right choice is undeniable. Call us today at 219.838.7700 or email us at for a free furnace repair or replacement estimate in St. John, Indiana.





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