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Create Your Ideal Environments

Effective cooling solutions are the cornerstone of comfort and productivity, be it in residential havens or bustling commercial spaces. At Popa Heating & Cooling, we recognize the indispensable role that cooling systems play in creating ideal environments where people thrive.


Our Coolilng Services

Our cooling services encompass a comprehensive array of offerings. Whether it's meticulous installations, prompt repairs, or meticulous maintenance, our team is equipped to handle air conditioners, ventilation systems, and various cooling equipment models with finesse. We pride ourselves on our expertise, ensuring top-notch service for every cooling need.

Cooling System Installations

Experience superior comfort with Popa Heating & Cooling's expert installations of cooling systems. From air conditioners to ventilation setups, our precise installations ensure refreshing environments tailored to your needs.

Repairs and Ongoing Maintenance

Rely on Popa Heating & Cooling for prompt and meticulous cooling system repairs and ongoing maintenance services. Our dedicated team ensures optimal performance, keeping your cooling systems running efficiently.

Importance of Cooling Systems:

The significance of maintaining efficient cooling systems cannot be overstated. Beyond just keeping spaces cool, these systems significantly impact comfort levels, air quality, and even contribute to substantial energy savings. We prioritize the functionality and reliability of your cooling setup to ensure a refreshing and healthy atmosphere.


Ease the financial strain of HVAC upgrades and repairs

Flexible Financing Options

We've partnered with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to offer you a range of affordable plans that make managing the cost of your home comfort systems and services stress-free.

  • Convenient Monthly Payments

    Manage your budget with predictable monthly payments.

  • Special Financing Terms

    Gain access to exclusive financing offers with approved credit.

  • Online Account Management

    Easily keep track of your financing and make payments online.

  • Preserve Other Credit Sources

    Use financing options and save other credit lines for different needs.